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Different Molko Every Night

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9/13/06 11:05 pm - lilyamelie

I realize that I've been M.I.A. for a few days and for that, I am very sorry. My continued absence is not for lack of caring, I promise. My head is in a bad place and I truly am of no use to anybody right now...myself included. I will be back some time next week, with a renewed mission of spreading the Molko love. I'm pondering doing a contest like I've seen other comms do, but with Placebo/Molko-centric prizes. I haven't figured the details out yet, but I am open to suggestions if you want to drop me a line.

Check ya later.

Your Friendly Moderator

9/11/06 10:34 pm - lilyamelie

3 hour lecture on Ancient Greek Drama...is dead.

9/10/06 11:59 pm - lilyamelie

9/9/06 10:10 pm - lilyamelie

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Tourist much?Collapse )

9/8/06 09:39 pm - lilyamelie

By now y'all have probably seen it, but if not, get your Meds. Personally, I'm a bit disturbed seeing him in his chonies, but I can't really tell you why. I mean I've seen them before when I was in the bushes in front of his house, but that didn't really bother me any. ;)

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I swear I didn't name this one Steve's finger, but it was too good to re-name.Collapse )

9/8/06 12:28 am - lilyamelie

9/6/06 10:29 pm - lilyamelie

Very long day.

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Packing it.Collapse ) My tired brain goes to wrong places when I see this pic. Since I'm way too much of a lady (rofl) to actually point it out, all I will say is airport scene from "Spinal Tap."

9/5/06 11:21 pm - lilyamelie

I was negligent in my duties last night. I could say that it was because I was in lock down somewhere, but that would be lie. Perhaps a lock down of the mind. I do that sometimes for self-preservation. The fantasy realm is WAY underrated. Anyhoo, I'm back with a variation on a lovely theme that should be repeated over and over and when that's done, over, again. I've viewed this phenomena with my own two eyes and it ranks right up there with the time I mistakingly believed Brian to be wearing pink panties, only to discover he was going commando. The memories!

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RAWRCollapse )

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My brain has been taxed, so invent your own naughty caption.Collapse )

Advice to the love-lorn. Men may say that us girls are crazy, but I say...pot...kettle...black, bastards!

9/4/06 12:27 am - lilyamelie

Hidy Ho, fellow Molko-holics. I have a wee bit o' trivia for you. By now I hope every single one of you have viewed "Velvet Goldmine" at least once and if you haven't, you're seriously missing out. Anyhow, in the film, you will recall that Brian plays Malcolm who is the lead singer of the fantastic glam band, The Flaming Creatures. Steve is also in the band as the drummer. Well, imagine my suprise when I, being the dutiful student that I am, was doing my reading on experimental film and found that there is an experimental film from the 60s called, "Flaming Creatures". Apparently it is very controversial and was considered to be quite porn-like, which broke laws back then. I must track this film down and view it. It can't be a coincidence. I would love to know for sure.

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Debauchery at it's best!Collapse )

9/2/06 11:14 pm - lilyamelie - De Ja Voo Doo

If ever you feel the need to molest a Stefan clone, I know where you can find one. The resemblence is uncanny. Except he isn't as tall. It was quite unnerving and I'm sure that he thinks I'm a freak because I couldn't stop looking at him and I probably had my mouth open. Not because I was drooling, but because my mouth was agape with awe. He nearly made my head explode, but I shan't hold it against him.

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Once More, With Feeling...Collapse )

Now I must go decompress because what did I do when I came home after a hard day...watch a show on "honor killings".
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