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d_m_e_n's Journal

Different Molko Every Night
Los Angeles
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Wall O' Molko-holics

This would be the place where I say something to captivate your interest, but since I don't feel remotely intelligent at the moment, you're kinda screwed in that department. I'm lilyamelie and I'll be your server/moderator. I'm assuming that since you've joined us, you're mad for Brian Molko because if you're not, you're insane and lost. I'm not a whore for rules, but I do ask that you play nicely with fellow members. By nicely I mean you don't flame other members for they are entitled to their own opinions, even if they are idiotic. ;)

No hotlinking because every time you hotlink, one of Santa's reindeers die and I will hunt you down like a dog. My claws don't come out a lot, but when they do...just beware. If you have any problems/concerns, feel free to contact me at the email above or in my personal journal. Don't worry, I bark, but rarely bite, unless I'm asked to and flattery will get you everywhere. <3

Show your d_m_e_n pride by showcasing one of our banners in your user profile. User banners were made by the lovely and talented deadbetty who is the goddess of icon creation and who is the mod of our affiliate community, cultmovieicons (for all of your cult movie icon-ness needs). Simply, copy, paste into your userinfo and...instant pride!

Third banner is the brainchild of both, myself, lilyamelie and the fabulous d_m_e_n patron, mizrychik62:

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