I Might Be A Mess...But I Sure Can Survive (lilyamelie) wrote in d_m_e_n,
I Might Be A Mess...But I Sure Can Survive

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De Ja Voo Doo

If ever you feel the need to molest a Stefan clone, I know where you can find one. The resemblence is uncanny. Except he isn't as tall. It was quite unnerving and I'm sure that he thinks I'm a freak because I couldn't stop looking at him and I probably had my mouth open. Not because I was drooling, but because my mouth was agape with awe. He nearly made my head explode, but I shan't hold it against him.

http://imagehostplus.com | ImageHostPlus
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Now I must go decompress because what did I do when I came home after a hard day...watch a show on "honor killings".
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